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We keep getting asked how durable our products are so we decided to go with a slightly unconventional torture test. 

Our first test proved just how tough the Mighty Mega is.  This one focused on the Replicoin/Proxy coins.  8 weeks ago I took my personal coin out of it's nice protective sleeve and tossed it in my right, front pocket along with my pocket knife, pocket change, zippo and daily clutter.  I also threw an engraving-test Replicoin in.  After 60 days of daily grind, caching hikes and daily activity here are the results that you can judge for yourself...

As you can see the RepliCoin took some hits particularly around the beveled corner edge, but the damage to the geocoin was shocking!  The clear enamel coating was destroyed completely.  The Shiny Gold coin metal was ground away to reveal the copper base metal below.  The tracking code is completely ground away.  The printed surface is wrecked.  In the end it appears more than reasonable to believe your RepliCoin or GxProxy coin will indeed travel safely from cache to cache at least as long (and likely much longer) than the average geocoin while looking great! :)


[prok-see] –noun, plural prox·ies.     an agent authorized to act as the substitute for another.

You know it happens.  You buy the geocoin you've been yearning for and it's finally arrived!  You activate it, adore it, say goodbye and set it loose to travel.  Days later it's stolen.  Weeks go by with no response, then months.  Eventually, you give it up as lost forever.  "Never again!" you say to yourself.  You put your other geocoins in a safe place, show them to your caching friends and maybe even let them be Discovered on occassion.  But what happened to the dream of them traveling?  Don't let trouble on the geo-trail steal your dreams... we have a solution! 

We make traveling proxies for geocoins (fully trackable on geocaching.com).  No more laminated paper photocopies, poker chips with pasted on pictures, washers that get rusted or other less durable or appreciated travelers.  We make high quality, metal coins in durable Anodized finishes with photo-realistic recreations of your original designs.  (What's that you say? You have a custom shaped coin?  No problem, we'll make your proxy out of high-impact multi-layer Acrylic.)  These proxies can take the punishment caching dishes out and then some.  At 1.75 inches diameter and 3mm thick, they're the same size or bigger than most geocoins.  They're affordable, they're attractive, they're real coins and best of all... they can be replaced again and again!  If your proxy goes awol, just tell us and we can make another in minutes and have it back in your hands in days or even release it directly into a cache!

We provide the following services:

  • We can burn your geocoin's original image or a custom replacement image.
  • We can help you design your own Logo to create an invincible Replicoin. (page down)
  • We can build high quality traveling Proxies for all your activated coins.
  • Replacement travelers available on demand.  We keep your information on file for the fastest possible reproduction time.



[rep-li-koyn] –noun, plural replicoins.    
an indistructible agent of geotravel that can be rebuilt indefinitely
(okay so I made this one up, but I hope you get the idea :)

If you have a design you'd like to make into a geocoin, but just don't want to invest the hefty price and minimum numbers of a minted geocoin, then we can help.  We can create even a single, trackable geocoin (trackable at geocaching.com) with a custom GxProxy icon.  Make 50 or more and you can have your own series officially named on geocaching.com and even qualify to get a custom icon. 

Want a shaped coin?  We got you covered!  We can also make your personal trackable with custom shapes out of high impact, multi-layer acrylic. 

As if that wasn't enough we saved the best for last... you can get it all for as little or even less than a travelbug dogtag!  Ask how we can help you leave a mark that starts people talking.