We now offer a beautiful new coin stand to display your treasures!  They're as lovely as the coins and will make you proud to display yours anywhere:

As we  hit the road we realized a lot of you would, too, so we brought out the all new TRAX Trackable Tags!  Now you can be Discovered even at highway speeds safely and easily. 
Share the fun no matter what your ride may be...

We're always adding new items as well as updating our best sellers with new colors, options and even Tracking numbers.   The season is changing fast and we're adding more daily.
Get your 100% custom Trackable (Geocoin or Traveler) for under $5 with no minimum order! 
(see GxNomad, RepliCoin or SigMarx to learn more) 

 There are cachers famous for their Geocoins, Geocaches, Signature Items and more because they all radiate style and quality.  We identify them immediately by their caching names and avatars all the time.  How many cachers recognize your mark with the same clarity and appreciation?  Want to make a big splash in the geocaching world?  Want to make caches, signature items and travelers that people recognize as uniquely yours?  We can help!

The trail of treasure you leave behind says a lot about you so why leave anything but the best when you can do it affordably and in style?  Leave trade items and treasure that shout out your personal style from the caches you've conquered!  Make signature items that people will jump at the chance to grab and use forever.

The quality of the cache we place says a lot about us so we've found some of the best to bring to you.  When we couldn't find what we wanted, we had it made!  The patent-pending Mighty Mega boasts all the strength and quality of a typical bison, but is large enough to hold over 18 Geocoins inside!  We're serious about quality because we know you are, too.  Take pride in your cache by having any of our in stock caches engraved with your geocaching name and/or logo.
  Please enjoy our FREE downloadable logsheets: Might Mega Logsheet, Might Mega Logsheet (back), 2.5" Capsule Logsheet & 2" Capsule Logsheet

Night caches and multi-caches have never been easier to setup and maintain!  Our new trail marking systems will make your caches more successful than ever while reducing maintenance to nil.  Our latest response to these products after testing at the ASP Geobash... "These things rock!  Better than anything I've tried and so easy to use!"

Just imagine... a custom personal geocoin that is beautiful, trackable, immortal and less than the cost of an average TB. Now add to it the fact that there is NO MINIMUM ORDER!!! We've got just what you need with our RepliCoin. Never suffer the permanent loss of a geocoin again. Check it out!

Never suffer the agony of a missing/stolen geocoin again! Resurrect your long lost geocoins from obscurity by putting them back on the journey they were always meant to complete with a beautiful new Proxy! Or even build a stunt coin of your highly collectable coin that you would never risk in the wild. The choice is yours and our high quality Proxies are metal coins with durable Anodized finishes and photo-realistic recreations of the original coin design. They're tough, beautiful, affordable and ready to hit the trail!

Surprise your favorite cacher with customized gear anytime. We'll add names, icons, logos and more to just about anything we carry. Want something we don't list here? Give us a shout and we'll try to get it for you or even mark what you have!

Whether it's a Proxy, RepliCoin, SigMarx or any of the other items we carry, we'll make your mark on the geocaching world one to remember. With no minimums and full trackability on we're giving you what you've asked for!